PVC Pipes

A very popular type of pipe used in homes, buildings and drains is the PVC pipe. There are a large number of reasons why plumbers and builders are now choosing PVC pipes over traditional stainless steel pipes. A very popular reason is because it’s much cheaper to manufacture PVC pipes as opposed to stainless steel pipes.

When the is a pipe burst and a plumber is called to the scene, if the entire pipe has to be replaced they will usually try to replace it with a PVC pipe depending on the situation. There are many different sized PVC pipes on the market, each with their own diameter and circumference. The size of the pipe is important because it determines the amount of water or liquid that will flow through it. Pipe fittings also largely depend on the circumference of a pipe because they are responsible for joining one or many pipes together.

PVC pipes also come in different colours, and are very easy to paint. Stainless steel pipes need to be painted if they are placed on the outside of a building, with PVC pipes if they outside of a building is white and so is the pipe then painting it can possibly be avoided. There are many suppliers of PVC pipes and tubes in Johannesburg and Cape Town, which means that anyone from the general public can call and get them at a much better rate as opposed to getting them from a hardware store or plumber.